Sparkling Rosè Wine

Rosè Crisp Wine from Veneto
IGT Veneto Crisp Rosèe Wine, Selected Blends of Cuvée from Italy

Tenuta Torciano - Rosè Crisp Wine


Certification: Rosè IGT Veneto

Grapes Varieties: grapes cuvèe

Alcohol: 10.5%

Format: 750ml

Type: Rosè crisp wine

Serving Temperature: 8-10 °C

Pairing: with aperitif, dessert, fish dishes

Country: Italy, Veneto

Wine Description:

There are many people who discover the pleasures of Summer Pink, not just drinkers but also producers. It's very difficult to make Rosé more than you can imagine. It seems that many people thinks that producing Rosé is simple but that is not the case. This semi-sparkling rosé is fresh and light and has a delicate fragrant aroma with touches of raspberries, redcurrants, cherries and a hint of rose. An elegant, wonderful alternative to traditional semi-sparkling white wines; it is ideal for a party and accompanies appetizers, sauces, creamy and marinated fish.

Area of Production:

Veneto is a substantial and increasingly important wine region in the northeastern corner of Italy.

Veneto is armed with a formidable portfolio of red wines to go with its refreshing whites, such as Soave and sparkling Prosecco. The common factor that unites almost all viticultural zones in northeastern Veneto is the Glera grape (typically known as Prosecco), and the foaming spumante and semi-sparkling frizzante wines it creates.


Some champagne and sparkling wine are pink. It's more rare, and more robust, and sometimes more expensive. But it's one of those wines that is just deliciously appealing. The pink color in a rosé sparkling wine comes from the skins – which means that the wine must include at least one of the red grapes of the traditional method – Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier. After pressing the grapes, the juice sustains contact with the skins for a while, and so acquires some color. After this the wine is processed like other Champagne and sparkling wine. Depending on the length of time with the skins, a rosé sparkling wine can range from light salmon to deep pink.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019


Saving this Rose Crisp Wine for my Thanksgiving Day, will give my review in the future

J. Mollozzi

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